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From time to time we post quotes or reviews on this page from people who have seen the documentary film “Honor Flight.”

“The enormously moving documentary “Honor Flight” proves a deft snapshot of a worthy nonprofit group as well as a profound tribute to America’s brave, often unsung World War II veterans.”Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

“The film is undeniably heartwarming and an important reminder of the sacrifices these men made without question, an effective rebuke to all those pathetically attended Veteran’s Day celebrations you see or, more likely, just hear about every year.” — Film Journal International

“It’s a heartwarming story. Every time you think you’ve taken it all in, there’s another touching facet. (You’ll need plenty of Kleenex.)” — Popcorn Diary

“The veterans are finally given their due, and Honor Flight captures is all. The stories, the laughter, the tears, and the shows of support are all caught on film, if only to show that the world is not such a cynical place, and that support and hope can come from the last sources you’d expect.” — Reel Film News 

“Honor Flight is a remarkable film. Grandparents, parents and children can all appreciate the stories told in this powerful and moving tribute to WWII Veterans and this country.” Sen. Bob Dole

“Spectacular.”WI Gov. Scott Walker

“I have never watched anything that speaks so emotionally and exactly to the essence of what it means to be an American.” — Earl Morse, Honor Flight National Network Co-Founder

“I thought it was touching, evocative and made me want to call my daddy right away and say thank you.” — Dr. Joy Browne, WOR Radio Networks

“The record for the largest attendance at a film screening was set this week at the world premiere of the documentary feature film ‘Honor Flight’ (2012) at Miller Park Stadium, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 28,442 people attended the screening at Miller Park Stadium, which is home to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.” — Guinness Book of World Records